2BeSafe team visit to EPFL

From 8 to 12 December, thirteen members of the Engineering Mechanics Department, including members of the 2BeSafe team, visited the Swiss University EPFL in Lausanne.
The visit was organised at the invitation of the world-renowned earthquake engineering expert Prof. Katrin Beyer.

During our stay we visited the Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, where we could get acquainted with the equipment and the current research of the EPFL research group. On December 9, Prof. Katrin Beyer’s research group gave presentations on their projects and experimental tests at the EPFL lab and abroad. On December 10, members of the Engineering Mechanics Department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb gave presentations. The presentations were broadcast not only in the halls but also on the Zoom platform, which was attended by EPFL staff, researchers from the University ETH and the wider professional and scientific community.
Several meetings were also held during the visit to discuss the topics of future collaboration projects.
This visit contributed significantly to the development of an international research network and opened up opportunities for future joint projects

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