8th Doctoral Symposium in Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Civil ENgineering, Zagreb

PhD candidates Romano Jevtić Rundek and Ante Pilipović have presented the work they have done during their first year of doctoral studies at the 8th Doctoral Symposium in Civil Engineering held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb from 5th – 6th September 2022 as part of their doctoral studies curriculum at the same faculty.

Romano Jevtić Rundek presented the processing and interpretation of complex dynamic numerical analysis results in Abaqus, which is related to ongoing efforts to automatically extract and process relevant information from raw analysis results required for the development of fragility curves.

Ante Pilipović presented the selection of optimal intensity measures of ground motions for typical masonry buildings in the urban area of Zagreb which is a key component in developing quality fragility curves.

Both works are important milestones in developing the methodology for derivation of fragility and vulnerability curves of typical buildings involved in the 2BESAFE project.