Members of the research group attended the 9th International Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (12-14 June 2023, Athens, Greece), organised by Institute of Research and Development for Computational Methods in Engineering Sciences (ICMES). The conference covered a vast array of subjects, closelly related to areas relevant to the 2BESAFE project. Including discussion of earthquake ground motion selection and building modelling. The research group learned of relevant developments both in the area of computer simulation and experimental research.

Aditionaly, members of the research group presented extended abstracts:

Romano Jevtić Rundek presented his work “Scripted postprocessing of Abaqus output data in application to seismic engineering“, presenting progress since the ICCSM presentation of the similar subject. 

Ante Pilipović presented his work “Direct visual inspection of IDA results for derivation of fragility curves based on optimal intensity measure selection

Finally some contacts were established, allowing better connection between  the research team and experts in the relevant research area.