ICCSM – 2022

Members of the research group attended the 10th ICCSM International Congress of. Croatian Society of Mechanics Pula, Croatia, September 28 – 30, 2022. organised by Croatian Society of Mechanics. The conference covered a vast array of subjects, many of which are in the area of mechanical engineering, constitutional mechanics etc… The research group learned of some recent developments in the area of computer simulation and experimental research. Out of the presented works the following are highlighted as the most relevant to the project, as they assist the research team in accomplishing their goals:

  • Lars Abrahamczyk, Aanis Uzair, Daniel Agudelo

Quantification of Irregularity in Unreinforced Masonry Façades with respect to the Reliability of Equivalent Frame Method

  • Filip Anić, Davorin Penava, Vasilis Sarhosis, Lars Abrahamczyk

Study of Simultaneous Inter-Storey Drift IP and Oop Loads on RC Frames With and Without Infill Walls and Openings by a Variating Angle

  • Davorin Penava, Lars Abrahamczyk, Shashikant Shambhu Sharma, Liborio Cavaleri, Amin Mohebkhah, Vasilis Sarhosis

The effect of confinement of openings on shear resistance of RC frame with URM infill wall structure components

Members of the research group Marija Demšić and Romano Jevtić Rundek also presented their research. Marija Demšić presented her work “Kinematic analysis of out-of-plane wall failure using visual programming”, code that will likely be used to estimate out of plane stability of walls in 2BESAFE project. Romano Jevtić Rundek presented “Adaptation of Abaqus output data for application in seismic analysis of buildings”, code that will likely be used for compiling results of nonlinear dynamic seismic analysis performed in Abaqus.